NOVA/PBS Network Recognizes Shotwell

NOVA/PBS Network Recognizes Shotwell
Posted on 03/14/2016
History Fair Winners

Fair Winners
The Percy Julian Exhibit group (Tatyana McCalin and Han Van), contacted Anne H. Barleon, NOVA/PBS network for interviews and primary sources for their project.  They were able to secure several interviews with experts on their topic, and physical documents.  These girls placed 1st in the History Fair Regionals and will be moving on to History Fair State competition.  The NOVA/PBS network is following our students as they continue to advance and are pleased that they have been able to create documentaries that are helpful to the youth in urban areas like ours.  Melanie Wallace, the Senior Series Producer of NOVA, WGBH TV contaced Monica Blackshire, (Shotwell History Fair Sponsor) and requested to visit our campus, as she would like to meet our bright 8th grade students.  She also requested a photo of the students and a letter explaining how they used the information that was provided to them in their project, as she would like to share their success with her collegues at PBS, NOVA, WGBH and the owners of these networks at their upcoming board meeting in June.  Tatyana and Han also contacted the Library of Congress and were able to recive photocopies of primary source documents along with a personal letter form our national library.